Application Paranoia

S2EP12 - July the 4th and cyber security with Naomi Buckwalter

July 05, 2021 Colin Bell, Rob Cuddy, Kris Duer & Naomi Buckwalter Season 2 Episode 12
Application Paranoia
S2EP12 - July the 4th and cyber security with Naomi Buckwalter
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Colin Bell, Rob Cuddy and Kris Duer from HCL Software bring you another application security interview special. 

In this episode the team talk to Naomi Buckwalter, the vCISO and Director of IT for Beam Technologies.  Naomi has been a part of several great events recently including the CISO Series Podcast with David Spark and the EvolveSec Meetup on cyber talent.  She is a fantastic contributor to LinkedIn and has had a number of eye-opening and thought-provoking posts recently. Naomi discusses her passion for cyber and how we need to lower the barriers to getting people into the space.

 | 0:46 | 2:20 | Rob | Tour De France  | Crazy women caused a crash in stage 1
 | 2:28 | 3:46 | Kris | Disc Golf championships | Best frisbee throw ever in frisbee golf
 | 3:48 | 4:48 | Colin | 4th of July | Why its not on the 2nd of July (world UFO Day)
 | 5:06 | 6:24 | Rob | Current flag designed in a contest | Student got B- in 1959 but challenged to get an A
 | 6:25 | 8:32 | Rob | Escaped Zebra Cobra | Kris - questions the threat model
 | 8:43 | 9:00 | Rob | Introduction to Naomi Buckwalter |  
 | 9:36 | 11:54 | Naomi | Q1: [Rob] How did you get started in Cyber Security? | Mentions how she transitioned from writing software to hacking it. Kept pushing to get on the cyber team...etc
 | 12:21 | 15:15 | Naomi | Q2: [Colin] Where does her passion for security come from? | Does not consider her self successful and has many failures. Only during the pandemic has she found some level of success. Started doing fresh faces in cyber. Offering help to others to get into Cyber. Starting about writing about giving folks a chance. Fight for the little guys.
 | 15:20 | 17:15 | Naomi | Cyber crime... | Moves on to mention how we are losing the war on cyber crime. Where is the money going. They are funding more crime...human trafficking, arms, wars all connected. The passion is to help stop this
 | 18:45 | 21:03 | Naomi | Q3: [Rob] Getting that first cyber job. What can we do better to help others get into the space. | % of industry has a problem with people skills. Pretty high. We are bad at convincing others that cyber is important.
 | 21:54 | 23:03 | Naomi | [Colin] People Skills cont... | We have evolved from needing just introverts. We are lowering the barriers to entry to cyber. Need to make security easier to understand. We need to move away from the coded world we have (OWASP top 10 as an example) and stop being smug and elitist
 | 23:03 | 25:15 | Naomi | Q4: [Kris] Moving from a developer background to security...what tips? | Start with application security. Start within your role and talk to the security team. Offer suggestions to the security team about how you can help.
 | 25:15 | 26:00 | Naomi | Q5: [Rob] Would help with threat modelling help | TASM is a great framework. So look at attack and defend are great starting points.
 | 27:12 | 29:12 | Naomi | Q6: [Rob] How can we better balance and share better | Communication is the key and look at how the hackers work. We need to disclose and share what is happening. 
 | 29:39 | 32:36 | Naomi | Q7: [Colin] Ransomware attacks being a thing in 2021...what can we do and what is your take? | Community needs to take it more serious. Business decisions can effect real lives. It is more than just data and it needs a different perspective.
 | 33:00 | 34:09 | Naomi | Q8: [Rob] tell us about your new non profit. Cyber security gate breakers | Is to convince managers that entry people are worth hiring into this space. They can contribute and do well. Collecting volunteers.
 | 34:15 | end | Colin | Close and thank yous... | Over and out